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About Me

"But do we credit beauty even when it's there in front of us? It stops the heart. The mortal clockwork has to start again, ticking towards the day we fall apart, before we see now all we won't have then." The connection with the subject in my lens is monumental: I fall in love with the image and know that each time I click the shutter, I will have kissed time.


My passion for photography began with the gift of a Nikon film camera given me in my student days. My desire to record the world around me has only grown. I offer a range of services including Wedding and Portrait Photography, Evironmental and Studio Portraits, Documentary Photography and Fine Art Photography.


Because I believe the presentation of the final image is a necessary part of the process, I custom mat and frame the photographs taken, if desired.


I have been honored by the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International which gave me an accolade of excellence in the Premier Image category including my photograph in their 2006 annual as one of the outstanding 100 prints of the year.